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10 Useful iPhone Apps You Should Download Now

Here are 10 of my favorite iPhone apps that you may have never head of. Enjoy!

10. Narro (free) – Convert your favorite text blog posts into an audio podcast feed.

9. Vote Spotter (free) – See what your US elected officials vote on and give them feedback on how they voted.

8. Be Focused (free) – Simple productivity app that is based off the Pomodoro Technique. Track goals and get stuff done.

7. Fing (free) – Network analyzer that scans your currently connected WiFi network and gives you useful information on the connected devices.

6. VHS Cam ($2.99) – Fun video filter that resembles the look of an old vintage VHS camcorder.  (Free alternative)

5. Fit Men Cook ($3.99) – Very well designed recipes app for finding tasty yet healthy meals to cook.

4. Vellum (free) – Clean layout and nice size selection of amazing wallpapers for your iPhone.

3. Blinkist (freemium) – Listen to short summaries of the most popular non-fiction books so you can learn the most important points without reading the actual book.

2. Tunity (free) – Get a real-time audio stream of nearly any TV channel. Great if you’re at a gym or sports bar and want to listen to a muted TV.

1. Musi (free) – Stream any YouTube video as an audio file that will play even when your iPhone is locked or you’re using other apps.

What’s your favorite app that almost nobody knows about?

By Andy Slye

10 Awesome iPhone Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

Inspired by this Reddit thread, here are 10 awesome iOS apps that you probably don’t know about! (in no particular order)

  • FastCustomer – With a single tap, FastCustomer will navigate the phone tree to nearly any company’s department – like tech support or billing – then it will ring your phone once it has an agent on the line for you.
  • NextDraft – Dave Pell, Internet wit and news addict, provides a smart summary of the day’s 10 most fascinating news stories.
  • Places I’ve Pooped – A little gem that helps you track all the places you’ve pooped in the world. Expand your territory, mark everywhere you’ve visited – bombs away!
  • RunPee – Tells you the best time to take a bathroom break during your favorite movies without missing the best scenes. Also provides a synopsis so you know exactly what you missed.
  • Zombies, Run! – An immersive running game and audio adventure. Delivers a story straight to your headphones through orders and voice recordings while you are on your run – and when you get back home, you use the supplies you’ve collected while running to build and grow your base.
  • Songza (Bought by Google) Working? Relaxing? At the gym? Songza plays you the right music at the right time.
  • SongPop – Fun music guessing game. It plays a clip from a song, and you must answer it as fast as you can to beat your opponent. Pretty addicting.
  • Aviary – A fun & simple way to make beautiful photos in seconds. Use professionally designed filters, creative stickers and frames, touch-up tools and more to create amazing pics.
  • CamScanner – Takes pictures of documents and converts to PDF. Helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers.
  • TuneWiki (Removed from US Store) Great lyrics app. Play your music or radio with scrolling lyrics.

What’s your favorite app that almost nobody knows about?

By Andy Slye

20 iPhone Apps That Will Change Your Life

Here are 20 iPhone apps (in no particular order) that will change your life!

20 iPhone apps that will change your life!

In no particular order these are 20 iPhone apps that will change your life!

Google Maps (free) – Turn-by-turn GPS app that makes navigating your world faster and easier.
Waze (free) – a fun, community based mapping, traffic & navigation app. With millions of drivers from across the globe joining forces to outsmart traffic, save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting for all.
Alien Blue (free or paid) – a feature packed client for browsing Reddit. It has been developed from the ground-up for an intuitive touch-screen experience.
Pocket Casts ($3.99) – a powerful Podcast manager for iPhone and iPad.
Feedly (free) – The more you read, the more you know. Feedly delivers all your favorite sites in one place.
Google Voice (free) – Access your Google Voice account right from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Send free text messages to US phones and make international calls at very low rates. Access your voicemail messages with transcription.
Full Fitness ($1.99) – Becoming and staying fit has never been easier with the help of Full Fitness. Hundreds of exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos, and text instructions. Fantastic workout tracking app.
MyFitnessPal (free) – the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter app. With the largest food database of any iOS calorie counter (over 3,000,000 foods), and amazingly fast food and exercise entry, it’ll help you improve your weight and hit your fitness goals.
Pocket (free) – Over 10 million people use Pocket to easily save articles, videos and more for later. With Pocket, all of your content goes to one place, so you can view it anytime, on any device. You don’t even need an Internet connection.
Evernote (free) – an easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve your productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, snap photos, create to-do lists, scan business cards, record voice reminders–and it makes everything searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.
Balanced (free) – Struggling to make time for all the little things that matter? Join over 100,000 others who use Balanced to stay motivated & focused on what’s really important in life.
Lift (free) – Lift provides personal coaching for any goal by giving you daily motivation, expert instruction, reminders, and celebrations.
Dropbox (free) – Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad, and the web. With Dropbox you’ll always have your important memories and work with you.
Musi (free) – Musi lets you stream audio directly from YouTube, build playlists, and share music with your friends. You can even stream and listen to music when your device is locked.
Mint (free) – allows you to track, budget and manage your money all in one place, so you can see where you’re spending and where you can save. Open an account, add your bank, credit, loan and retirement accounts and Mint will automatically pull in and categorize your transactions. It’s safe, secure and easy to keep your personal finances organized.
Udemy (free) – Udemy is the world’s largest destination for on-demand, online courses. Whether you want to get promoted, break into a new industry, start a company, further a passion, or just accelerate your life, Udemy has a course to help you get there and get there faster.
RetailMeNot (free) – The RetailMeNot Coupons app makes it easy to save in store and online with thousands of coupons and deals to the places you love to shop.
Relax Melodies (free) – Can’t sleep? In 20 minutes you will, or less. Introducing the most popular sleep aid app. Start sleeping now and enjoy full nights of sleep like you haven’t in a long time.
1 Second Everyday ($0.99) – Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life.
GasBuddy (free) – Find the cheapest gas near you.

What is one app that has changed your life for the better?

By Andy Slye

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