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Video Transcript:

What’s up guys, Andy with here with a review of the Sound Blaster Roar SR20 portable wireless speaker from Creative. Now this just isn’t your ordinary portable wireless speaker because this produces some amazing sound quality for its size and you can even replace your home stereo sound system with this thing. That’s how good this thing is so at any point during this video if you wanna find out more info I will leave the link to this speaker in the description below so you can check that out. Now let’s go into the review and unboxing of this sound blaster roar SR20 portable wireless speaker. It has a ton of features so let’s just go over the contents of the box real quick. Of course it comes with a quick start guide, comes with a wall charger for power. It also comes with some power adapters for the power and a USB cable so you can connect it to your PC or Mac. And of course we have the SR20 sound blaster roar itself. The sound blaster roar is very compact. It’s about the size of a small thick book and it weighs 2.4 pounds so it’s very small, very portable, but it does put out some amazing sound quality. It’s made of this sleek metallic material on the front and around the frame. The back has a rubbery type silicone feel to it which feels really nice. It’s made of high quality material that looks very durable. From the days I’ve had it and used it I feel like the quality will keep it in good condition for years to come. This is a portable wireless speaker so you can play audio wirelessly but before we get into all of the other features of this speaker let’s take a look at what it sounds like when I connect my iPhone 5s via Bluetooth to the speaker and play audio like that. I don’t have an NFC enabled device but this does have NFC capability so if you have an NFC device you can do that. But right now we’re just going to listen to the Bluetooth connection. So that was just a quick example of the audio playback with the sound blaster roar SR20, and this thing has some great audio quality because it has 2 amps instead of just the normal 1. The 2 amplifiers in it allows it to produce some amazingly powerful and balanced lows, mids, and highs. This speaker also has 5 drivers: 2 passive drivers on the side that produce the bass, 2 in the front that produce the highs, and 1 on top that produces the mids and bass. This allows it to give a very powerful well-balanced audio playback that will fill up an entire room. That is probably the best feature about this speaker. It can fill up a whole room very easily and when it’s playing in a room you can’t really tell where the speaker’s located. You can’t really tell where the sound is coming from. That’s how good of a job that this speaker does at filling up a whole room with high quality audio. On the top of the speaker you have some controls. You have volume up and volume down buttons as well as the on and off switch and the Bluetooth multi-function button. Also the Roar button where it gets its name from. The Roar button will boost your audio and increase the loudness and depth so you can fill up a big room with a lot of people in it. If you need to increase the volume by just a little bit that Roar button will do the trick. There’s also a 360 degree voice pick up microphone inside the Sound Blaster Roar which makes it very suitable for speaker phone or teleconferencing. It also has an integrated micro SD slot on the back so you can play audio directly from a micro SD card without having to connect the speaker to a smart phone or PC or Mac. So if you have a micro SD card with music on it you can insert it into the sound blaster roar and you can control it from the back. It has controls on the back where you can control it. It has a play/pause button, skip buttons, as well as repeat and shuffle buttons. It has a voice recorder as long as you have a micro SD card in the back you can record your voice directly onto that card. You can even record phone calls. This speaker’s designed to have a low center of gravity so when you have it playing at a loud volume it’s not going to shake or rattle. It also has 2 long rubber feet at the bottom. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery which will play music for up to 8 hours and also it will charge your phone or tablet. It has a USB port so you can plug in your smartphone and it will charge your smart phone or tablet. It has a very loud siren that you may need in certain situations. It also has this cool feature called Bedtime mode which when you enable Bedtime mode it will gradually decrease the volume of the audio for 15 or 30 minutes, whichever you set it for. So when you’re going to bed if you like to listen to music or an audiobook it’ll gradually decrease the volume over a period of time and shut itself off automatically which is pretty cool. It also has a life saver mode which will play random chimes every few minutes so if you’re listening to it while you’re doing homework or even in the car it will keep you awake and alert. It has a couple of high-quality codecs for Bluetooth support so when you’re playing music or audio through the Bluetooth connection it sounds almost as good as a wired connection. There’s also a carrying case that you can buy separately which improves the portability of the speaker. The speaker slides right in there so that’s pretty cool. So that wraps up my full review of the Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20 portable wireless speaker. Enjoy!

By Andy Slye