The Nodus Access case is a sleek wallet case for the iPhone 6 and 6+, and it is super classy. As a not so manly guy this case really makes me feel more like a gentleman. I just need a cool British accent to go along with it.

The outside of the case is made of full grain Italian leather, and the inside is made up of a soft micro fiber lining. The leather does feel like a premium material. It’s smooth and shiny. The micro fiber interior also feels nice, and the case is pretty thin and flexible. On the inside it has one large slot so you can store some cash and a couple of cards, but you’re not going to fit much more than that as it is a pretty tight fit.

Not only does it look appealing, it has a very useful feature that I haven’t seen on any other case before. And this feature is the reason why I agreed to do a review of this case for Nodus. It’s the way the case stays on the iPhone.

This case is equipped with micro suction technology. Yes, little tiny suction cups. The inside of the case has a thick strip of micro suction cups that has a sticky feel to it, and when the iPhone is pressed down onto the strip it gets suctioned on and stays put. It’s pretty amazing. The iPhone does not fall out. I’ve been using this case for over a week, and it hasn’t started coming off at all.

On the inside of the flap there is a smaller suction pad that allows the flap to close onto the iPhone by suctioning onto the screen. Pretty cool, so you are able to remove and re-apply your iPhone, but it is a bit difficult to remove and it does take a little bit of force. But once it’s off it doesn’t leave any residue on the iPhone because there are no sticky materials involved, just tiny suction cups.

Now, the protection of the case is not as good as some of the other hardcore cases, but it provides decent protection as long as the flap is closed and stuck to the iPhone. In that case it actually gives the iPhone full front and back protection when dropped but the top, bottom, and side of the iPhone are still slightly exposed so keep that in mind.

The only downside about this case is it’s kind of awkward to actually talk on the iPhone with this case on it. The flap does peel back all the way, but it’s just kind of difficult to hold the iPhone up to your ear when you have to hold the flap back like that.

Other than that, this is a super good looking case that I got a lot of compliments on. People noticed the aesthetics right away, and I definitely like having it on my iPhone 6. If you want to get this case for your iPhone, the link will be in the description below. So thank you for watching my review of the Nodus case for the iPhone 6, and thanks to Nodus for the opportunity to review this case.

By Andy Slye