Which Apple desktop should you buy in 2015?

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is the entry-level Mac desktop. It’s the cheapest and most suitable for people on a tight budget who already own a monitor, keyboard, mouse. It doesn’t come with any accessories. I own a Mac Mini and it’s worked out great for me. Powerful and fast for such a compact machine. I highly recommend getting a fusion or SSD. Avoid 5400 RPM hard drives.

Mac Mini starts at $499, $699, and $999
Dual-core i5 processor, configurable to dual-core i7
500GB HD, 1TB fusion drive, or 256/512/1TB SSD on highest model
4GB RAM configurable to 16GB
Good amount of ports
Built-in wifi
Last update was October 2014 so new version should be coming soon.
Can’t replace RAM (unless you get older 2012 version from Apple Refurbished).


The iMac is Apple’s all-in-one desktop and probably their most popular desktop model. It comes with Magic Mouse 2, Magic keyboard, and a lightning cable. Best for users who want a more powerful and simple setup than a Mini and who don’t already own an HD monitor. The all-in-one setup looks cleaner and less cluttered on a desk. Incredible Retina screens. Overall a beautiful computer/monitor combo.

Starts at $1099 for non-Retina (still full 1080p HD display)
Cheapest 21.5″ Retina starts at $1499 (4K)
Cheapest 27” Retina starts at $1799 (5K)
Ultra thin; just updated October 2015

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line desktop. The most powerful and the most expensive. Recommended for power users – people who need the fastest and most powerful Mac computer who have a very large budget (can be configured to nearly $10,000). It has a unique design that may look weird to some people but is very sleek. Con: for the high price you don’t even get a keyboard/mouse 🙁

Starting at $2999 for quad-core and $3999 for 6-core
Intel Xeon processors
At least 12GB RAM
At least 256GB flash storage