Download Any MP3 for Free with Firefox & DownloadHelper

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  • Danielle

    Thank you sooo much!

    • BEN

      dude your the shit!! this is the best since limewire crashed!!!

  • fedonas

    THANKS A LOT Bro.! my other program crashed and I’ve been looking for about a week to find a way.! :P

  • Anonymous

    Eminem open

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the instruction.

  • Anonymous


  • arienna packham

    I can not down load this application it says none for mobile.

  • Leesee

    thanks your amazing :)

  • Zane

    Hey great video just i can’t gt in the Beemp3 Can you plz help

    • andy

      Try clicking on another site with the MP3. Check out my favorite MP3 sites here

  • hannah

    thanks for the helpp! you are awesome :D

    • Brandilyn

      You really found a way to make this whole process easier.

  • Jeff

    does this work for firefox 5? and btw nice vid

    • andy

      Yes it works with version 5 as well. I am going to update the video name from 4 to 5. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Chanel

    Thanks, this is a great help :)

  • yaya

    thank ur da best. i did it first like ur first video but got my computer fix n it was harder to do. It didnt come out. n this vid is great. ur so nice

    • andy

      Thanks glad I could help!

  • Sara

    You, my friend, are amazing.

  • Anonymous


  • Kate

    Wow, you have no idea how thankful I am sir.

  • camila

    I used limewire. now I use easyer for me, this is good stuff thanks.

  • Anonymous

    On beemp3 you can just click where it stand download:blablabla and you´ll come most of the time directly to a site where you can save the song into your itunes

    so thats one option too :)

  • Badass.

    it wont load -_- but looks good so far.

  • TwiggyBlack

    Hey will this work with windows media player if so how? because i do not have i tunes

  • Anonymous

    I tried it but I have some problems… It won’t go to iTunes! It keeps on going to windows media player…GRR.

  • storey

    does it give you any viruses?

    • andy

      It will not give you any viruses as long as you are using DownloadHelper to download the music because DownloadHelper only downloads media files such as MP3, MPEG, MP4, FLV, etc. Those kind of files are not viruses.

  • Rachel

    downloadhelper keeps saying there’s an error and it wont let me install how do i fix it?

    • andy

      Hmm. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox then try to install the DownloadHelper addon. This usually fixes a problem like that.

  • Gabb

    thanks…this really works!

  • katie

    love katie

  • Isaac

    Dude you rock i saw your video about firefox and download helper before. I was using that for awhile then it stopped working now you have a new way. Your awesome thanks alot man.

  • B

    When i’m trying to download, i get to the itunes folder with no problem but then i can’t find the itunes media. The only options are album artwork, itunes music or mobile applications? do you know why?

    • andy

      Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes which as of right now is version 10.4. They changed it a bit. I think the iTunes Media folder is pretty much what the iTunes Music folder used to be.

      • Kristi Orgill

        I am having the same issue, and I have the most updated version of iTunes… 10.4. There is no folder that says “iTunes media”, just “iTunes Music.” The old way I used to do it from your YouTube video was working fine… Help!

        • andy

          iTunes changed the name of the folder again. The “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder is in the “iTunes Music” folder.

  • kevin

    thanx u r like a wizard

  • Frank

    Yo, this is the best Frostwire sucks. thank you so much man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GAZ3161

    Cheers thats helped me out so much your a legend cheers ++++

  • Anonymous

    Thanx alot….luv it..

  • kylie

    Does firefox 6.0 usually take a long time to load?

    • Anonymous

      My computer somehow doesn’t have itunes media when i try to save it. What do i do???

      • andy

        Try updating to the latest version of iTunes under File > Check For Updates

    • andy

      It might be slower than Firefox 5 because it is a new release and they are still working out the release bugs. It will get quicker when future updates come out.

  • Rena

    You are the sh@t!!!!! Amazing!!! Thank you!!!

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  • Andrew

    When i try to save into my itunes folder it says Conversion requires an external application that appears to be missing on your system.
    Configure conversion ?

    • andy

      When you’re using the DownloadHelper button, make sure you are clicking the black arrow to the right of the spinning icon, and then make sure you are clicking only .MP3 files. If you are doing these two things correctly, it should not be prompting you to convert anything. Hope this helps!

  • ben

    hey so i did everything right but when i click on the mp3 site and get it to start playing i go up to the download helper and there is no arrow next to it?

    • andy

      Try uninstalling the DownloadHelper addon by going to Tools > Add-ons and on the Extensions section click Remove next to the DownloadHelper addon. Restart Firefox then re-install the DownloadHelper addon and see if that fixes it.

  • Carl

    Hi, Nice post. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5 also. Great looking blog

  • Deven

    Thanks so much, Great Video!

  • Terri

    You are the man !!!!

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  • jennifer

    when i hit the dowloader no mp3 comes up i get preview.mp3 do i click on that?or something in the box fom that which is download and convert,download??????help lol


    • andy

      Yes “preview.mp3″ is normal. Anything that ends in .MP3 is what you want to download.

  • James

    Does it work with Firefox 6? Was using last night, changed to firefox 6 and now it doesn’t :(

    • andy

      Yes it works with Firefox 6

  • Lindsay

    When I tried to do this is it worked for one song but uploaded it 20 times to my itunes and I cant get any other song to work. Its saying I have to override my existing songs.

    • andy

      It seems iTunes or DownloadHelper caught a glitch. Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes, Firefox, and DownloadHelper. Try restarting your computer also.

  • Anonymous

    what about mp4 or does it have to be mp3

    • andy

      DownloadHelper can capture MP4 files also, but MP4 files are videos.

  • jigglypuff

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  • Anonymous

    One way that i increased the productivity of using this method is by using mp3skull.com. all you have to after searching your song is click the green “download” button and it will begin moving the mp3 to your downloads folder. when its done downloading it opens in Windows Media Player. right click the song name in Windows Media Player and select “Save As..” after typing your title in it will pull the song up in your Windows Media Player library. ta da. you now have the song in windows media player instead of just iTunes

  • brooke

    I LOVE U!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Ahhhh thank you so much!!! we won’t get in trouble or any viruses right? hope not cause this is awesome, thanks again.

    • andy

      DownloadHelper is perfectly legal and you will not get any viruses from it because it only captures legit audio and video files. Thanks for watching!

  • Anthony

    The songs won’t sync to my iPhone…

  • Jose

    Is Firefox safe to download? I heard it gives your computer viruses.

    • andy

      Firefox is 100% safe. It will not give you viruses. It’s safe and legal open-source software.

  • Jose

    I did everything you said to do to download a song with firefox downloader helper and the song I downloaded was not the whole song. What did I do wrong?

  • Jonathan

    How do you make that circle when you click

  • David

    How do you make that circle when you click?

  • Ryley

    Man you’re a fuckin hero thanks a lot brother

  • efrain

    After i download the songs some of them… A lot of them dont have the right information and dont have the album art. how do that fast and correctly?

  • dianaaamarie

    I love you for this!!!!!

  • MusicJunkie

    Anybody ever tell you your a genius? thanks a lot bro i was going for limewire but that don’t work no more…fuck copyrights lol

  • Anonymous

    this is so amazing…thanks for the tip, it helped me alot!! thanks again! :)

  • Orlando

    your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Joes voice from FG*

  • Guest

    This worked perfectly but when I sync my iPhone to my iTunes the songs do not transfer over to my iPod on my iPhone and it won’t let me do it manually. Is there is something else I am supposed to do?

    • andy

      Make sure your Music tab’s section “sync music” is checked and also check “entire music library”. That may be the reason.

  • Anonymous

    thanks alots you really helped me out

  • robrob

    hey man, thanks alot for everything. it seems too be going well.
    do you need an itunes account too do this?
    because i downloaded itunes, but i cant make an account without a credit card number.
    do i HAVE to do that?
    ps: im 19 and have yet too get a credit card….pathetic i know.

  • Summer

    Does this work for an ipod?

  • Joe

    This really helped man. Thanks alot!

  • Emily`

    omg you are a lifesaver! i missed my music sooo much!
    you are a miracle worker :)

  • Sabrina

    Thank you for sharing!!!! What a great discovery. Do you know how to get ringtones onto the iphone 4 by chance?? I’m dying for my own.

  • Jordan

    Can you get viruses from downloading off sites like that?

    • andy

      As long as you are using DownloadHelper to download the songs you won’t get any viruses because DownloadHelper only downloads media files, such as audio and video. None of these are harmful to your computer.

  • chona

    thank you so much!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome your amazing thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU! Sooo much faster than just going to beemp3 and just for the record aimini.net is so much better thanks to you.

  • Malia

    Thank You SOOOO Much!!!!
    Your Awsome!!!! ^_^

  • tara

    how do you do it if you only have safari?

    • andy

      Unfortunately DownloadHelper only works with Firefox. But no worries, Firefox and DownloadHelper are both free!

  • Carrie

    I did what you said and then tried to put the music on my Ipod or a CD. It would not publish. I went back and re-downloaded each and every song saved at (.mp3). Still nothing. How do I get this music downloaded to a CD or I-pod. Is there something that I have to have to convert this music?? My computer is older but I have been trying to get this to work for hours and days.

    Thank you so much for your help.


    • andy

      Make sure you import all the MP3’s into iTunes before you sync your iPod or try to burn a CD.

  • christina

    my thing is totally different, i’m having some difficulty with following you.
    1) i have a dell laptop with windows 7 so maybe that’s the problem or maybe it’s because i have a higher version of firefox.
    2) since my firefox looks different, i can’t follow you past the step where you click the arrow next to the add-on logo thing because i don’t have that arrow! so i try to click the little add on thing and it comes up with websites and shit like youtube and yahoo and myspace etc… im so stuck im ready to give up.

  • Anonymous

    Sick!! Thx for making this video!!

  • Y.S.A


  • Jamie

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • RED

    Hay I can’t get my pc to do that email me .

  • malea

    dude you are sooooo awesome!! it totally worked!! finally i can download everything that I’ve been shazamming!! WOOHOO!!!!! ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Brandon

    i have a mac and when i went to search the add-ons for downloadhelper, it said it cant find any matching results.

    • andy

      Firefox is fully compatible with Windows and Mac so it should all work fine. Make sure you are searching the correct term DownloadHelper in the correct place.

  • Autumn

    Thanks a lot this really helped !!!

  • Kelsey Freeman

    Your awesome; I love you!

  • Anonymous

    I love you for this.

  • nancy

    You are wonderful!!!!

  • aixa

    you are wondurfull

  • http://www.facebook.com/fernando.gutz.1 Fernando Gutz

    Is this legal?

    • mytechmethods

      The software you are using is 100% free legal software (Mozilla Firefox and DownloadHelper)

  • Mark


  • D

    Can this work with Google Chrome?

    • mytechmethods

      Currently there is no extension for Google Chrome that does what DownloadHelper does. I am always on the lookout for one so I will post a video if one is ever released.

  • Ashley

    is this safe?

    • mytechmethods

      Yes thousands of people are using this method, and it is completely safe when using MP3 sites that are well-known.

  • j

    how can you download a whole album at once?

    • mytechmethods

      Full albums are usually a ZIP file, so don’t use DownloadHelper to download albums. For full album downloads, I go to Google and search for artist name + album name + “album download” (example: Drake Take Care album download” and find the download file that way. I could do a video tutorial if needed. Thanks!

  • John

    Wow bro I love you

  • Greg

    I was not able to perform the taks via beemp3…mp3skull was successful however…much thnx for your video…to say the least its awesome!!!

  • Lucky

    OMG I LOVE YOU, this is wonderfullllll… =D thanks for sharing ..

  • emily

    You are amazing, just watched lots of your videos. Already feel far superior to my friends!


    I LOVE YOU !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alaurenw Amanda Lauren Walden

    MY ADDON for the video helper never showed up on the side of the search engine I checked it and it’s installed what do I do????

  • http://www.facebook.com/alaurenw Amanda Lauren Walden

    I did all of what you are saying, but my add on for the video helper is not showing up on the side of the search bar like yours does when you download or go to download music .. when I click on the music to download it downloads, but doesn’t give me an option to save it into itunes? WHAT DO I DOOOOO?? I’ve been trying to figure out this for days! HELP!?! .. I also checked on the videohelper and it’s installed, but can’t find it

  • Guest

    my comments don’t show up? I need to know why the add on for the video helper didn’t show up next to the search engine bar on the top?

  • Lety

    You made my DAY! I Love You! LOL No Seriously Thanks!

  • K.G..

    Can u let me know if this will give my laptop a virus ??

  • Ira

    Hello, I am stuck at when I type in the name of artist song mp3 and try the different sites to allow me to download and play the song, the sites always lead me to download things like ilivid.exe or setup.exe or imesh.exe, so that I am never a point where I download the song and am able to play it so I can’t go on to the next step. Can anyone advise?

  • Ira

    Also, when I go on MP3skull it won’t let me play the song. Does my computer have some sort of block?

  • mhoi secretaria

    thank you so much.. you’re so genius… you helped me a lot…

  • Jrich

    I’ve followed everything as instructed and was looking good towards the hopeful outcome until it came to itunes, nothing is showing up. I did just download itunes before all this though so not sure if that is making a difference. Please help!

  • runu


  • W

    thank you so much. you’re awesome. i love you. :)

  • jusa

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • zero

    You sound like the mammoth from ice age lol

  • Gaye

    I have watched this video about 2 years ago and I have been downloading my mp3 music with the downloader app and using the Aimini site and love doing this. The other sites that you recommended to use are confusing to me as what button to push to download so that’s why I have stayed with Aimini. Now when the I try to do this the downloader is down loading the file as a mpeg file and the file looks like this Don_t_Think_I_Can_t_Love_You-_Jake_Owen_mp3_Free_Download_a.mpeg, It just started doing this about 2 weeks ago. What are your thoughts?