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How to Speed Up a Computer to 10x Faster

Here are my top 3 tips on how to speed up your computer (up to 10x faster)

Run Cleanup & Security Software

These are my top 5 favorite Windows apps for boosting your PC speed:


Basically, the more RAM you have the faster your computer will be. Simple as that. Check out Crucial’s RAM tool for your computer or laptop to see what RAM is compatible with your system.

Install a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Bottom line: You need an SSD. They are so much faster than hard disk drives. Here are the benefits solid state drives offer compared to traditional hard disk drives: faster, quieter, power efficient, durable, and less likely to fragment.

How to Get a New iPhone Every Year for Cheap

3 steps for getting the new iPhone every year while saving money. Enjoy!


Which Apple Desktop to Buy in 2015: Mac Mini vs iMac vs Mac Pro

Which Apple desktop should you buy in 2015?

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is the entry-level Mac desktop. It’s the cheapest and most suitable for people on a tight budget who already own a monitor, keyboard, mouse. It doesn’t come with any accessories. I own a Mac Mini and it’s worked out great for me. Powerful and fast for such a compact machine. I highly recommend getting a fusion or SSD. Avoid 5400 RPM hard drives.

Mac Mini starts at $499, $699, and $999
Dual-core i5 processor, configurable to dual-core i7
500GB HD, 1TB fusion drive, or 256/512/1TB SSD on highest model
4GB RAM configurable to 16GB
Good amount of ports
Built-in wifi
Last update was October 2014 so new version should be coming soon.
Can’t replace RAM (unless you get older 2012 version from Apple Refurbished).


The iMac is Apple’s all-in-one desktop and probably their most popular desktop model. It comes with Magic Mouse 2, Magic keyboard, and a lightning cable. Best for users who want a more powerful and simple setup than a Mini and who don’t already own an HD monitor. The all-in-one setup looks cleaner and less cluttered on a desk. Incredible Retina screens. Overall a beautiful computer/monitor combo.

Starts at $1099 for non-Retina (still full 1080p HD display)
Cheapest 21.5″ Retina starts at $1499 (4K)
Cheapest 27” Retina starts at $1799 (5K)
Ultra thin; just updated October 2015

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line desktop. The most powerful and the most expensive. Recommended for power users – people who need the fastest and most powerful Mac computer who have a very large budget (can be configured to nearly $10,000). It has a unique design that may look weird to some people but is very sleek. Con: for the high price you don’t even get a keyboard/mouse 🙁

Starting at $2999 for quad-core and $3999 for 6-core
Intel Xeon processors
At least 12GB RAM
At least 256GB flash storage


Sony RX100 IV Review + Test: Worth It?


If you are looking for the best pocket camera in 2015 then look no further. This is the Sony RX100 Mark IV review. Last year in 2014 the RX100 mark III came out and it took the crown for the best pocket camera. Well now the mark 4 is out and it’s even better especially for video. So if you’re a YouTuber and you’re looking for a camera this may very well be your best choice. Now when something is considered the best of a category it’s usually not cheap and it’s no different with this camera. This camera is $948 at the time the making of this video so it’s not cheap. It’s pretty expensive but it can be worth it for some people and that’s what this video is all about. We’re going to find out if this camera is worth it for you and whether or not you should buy it. Let’s start off with the main features of this camera. It has a new 20.1 mega pixel 1” sensor which allows it to shoot high-quality images and 4k video. It has a built-in Zeiss lens with the focal length equivalent to 24-70mm with an aperture of 1.8 at 24 millimeters and 2.8 at 70 millimeters. It has a super convenient and ultra crispy OLED true finder pop-up EVF. This electronic viewfinder comes in handy when you’re in a bright situation and you need to look through that to see all the controls that you wouldn’t normally be able to see on the LCD. Speaking of which, this has a 3” LCD screen on the back that flips up so you can be in ultimate selfie mode for pictures or videos. It can shoot slow motion video at 960 frames per second. It has built-in WiFi connectivity with NFC so when you’re out and about and take a picture with this camera and you can quickly transfer it to your smartphone and upload it to Instagram to improve your subscriber’s feed a little bit with some awesome looking pictures. In my humble opinion this is the best point and shoot camera you can buy right now and we’re going to get into why I believe that. First of all is the size. It’s small. It’s compact. It’s lightweight. It fits in the palm of my hand. It fits into my pocket easily as long as I’m not wearing my weekend skinny jeans. It has a built-in lens already so it’s not going to get any bigger. Its small compact size is great. Now about it not getting any bigger in size is kind of a letdown. It doesn’t have a hot shoe or a microphone input so you’re not going to be able to connect external microphones or anything like that on this camera. This is mainly just a point and shoot on-the-go camera that you can take places wherever it’s an inconvenience to have something bigger or larger like a DSLR. This comes in handy and this beats out those cameras because it’s small lightweight and it does the job. The articulating screen is one of the best features about this camera. You can flip it out and flip it all the way up so if you’re a YouTuber and you’re looking for a camera to start off with this will be perfect for you because you can flip that screen up and you can see yourself and you can position yourself however you want it and see how the video will look before you start taking video. In this day and age that’s a pretty popular feature to have. The popup electronic viewfinder is awesome as well. It has a super high resolution when you’re staring into it. It doesn’t add any other bulk to the camera. It goes right back into the side of the camera and you don’t even know that it’s there. And of course the two new best features of this camera are the 4K video capabilities and high frame rate video capabilities. The 4K video on this camera looks amazing if I do say so myself. The only problem I have with this 4K video is that it does limit you to 5 minutes of shooting. Well why is that? Because overheating. So it will automatically stop at 5 minutes when you’re shooting 4K video and you have to start the video over again, start the recording over again, to continue on the video. So you’re going to have pauses. You can’t shoot 4K videos more than 5 minutes. Now there is a problem with that as well because when you’re shooting 4K video and you shoot for the full 5 minutes and you go to shoot another 4K video it’s going to overheat. This happened to me. It overheated and it actually automatically shut itself down because it got way too hot. So the overheating problem is an issue but if you’re not looking to record more than 5 minutes of 4k video or if you’re just in an indoor setting most of the time and you’re taking videos indoors where it’s cool I think you’ll be able to get by with shooting multiple 5 minute 4K videos in a row because I was actually in my car in the summer outside so I don’t think it’ll be too much of a problem if you’re in a controlled environment or if you’re just taking short quick 4K videos. Shooting 4K is so much fun with this camera. It takes great quality video in the 4k mode. It does have that limit but it doesn’t have a limit for 1080. So if you’re shooting 1080p HD you’re going to be able to record up to 29 minutes each time. The high frame rate or HFR feature is awesome as well. You can get some cool slow mo video shots with this feature. Now it does shoot up to 960 frames per second but I tell you what if you do go up that high you’re going to get less quality in the video. So the slower you go the less quality your video is. So even though it can go to 960 frames per second I probably won’t use that as much as the 240 frames per second because the 240 frames per second slow-motion looks better than the 960 frames per second. But just having that option to record slow-motion in the camera itself is a huge feature for me. Another highlight of this camera that I absolutely love is the autofocus. It autofocuses really fast and is pretty accurate. It’s probably the best auto focus camera that I’ve owned myself. The autofocus is great with pictures and video so this goes back to YouTube. If you’re taking videos of yourself autofocus has worked extremely well for me when taking videos of myself. Now in order to shoot 4K video and slow motion video you need certain types of SD cards and this is the SD card I use and I highly recommend if you’re shooting 4K video. I use this for my GH4 and for the Sony RX100 mark four so I’ll leave a link to this card in the description below. Now a downside about this camera is that the battery life is not that great. If you’re shooting 4k video especially slow-motion video ba’tery’s not going to last you very long at all. My recommendation would be to get an extra battery then get a USB charger to take on the go because this does charge through a USB cable. I love how easy to use and intuitive this camera seems to be. Right out of the box it didn’t seem very overwhelming or complicated. I got right in there and was changing settings and I was able to start shooting manual 4K video pretty quickly without being too confused and I think this will be very easy to use for beginners as well. So Sony does make very intuitive cameras. Also I love the fact that it has an ND filter built into the camera because when you’re out in the sun you need some type of ND filter if you want that Boca look in the background, if you want that blurry background you’re going to need neutral density filters. And this has one already built in which is fantastic. I love that feature because I do plan on using this as a vlogging camera when I’m out and about and I will be out in the sun so that comes in handy as well. The zoom is very smooth even though it does make a slight noise when you’re in video and actually recording and zooming while you’re recording so just be aware of that. And probably zoom in or zoom out before you start recording or in between recordings so you don’t get that sound. Alright so here’s a side by side test of my three cameras that I have right now. My GH4 is what you’re seeing right now. Now I’m going to switch over to the Sony RX100 mark 4. That’s what you’re seeing right now and then this is my iPhone 6 and that’s what you’re seeing right now. So it’s just a side by side test comparison of all 3 of my cameras. Now of course the GH4 is the most expensive and the most professional quality camera that I have. Then this is the Sony RX100 mark 4 and the Sony is actually on automatic mode so I didn’t set any manual settings unlike the GH4 but I did that on purpose because this is how most people are probably going to use this camera when they’re shooting videos of themselves. And then of course this is my iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 is probably the lowest quality of all the cameras. But this is a good test comparison of all three cameras that I wanted to do for you guys. So overall I’m in love with this camera. The compact size, the dynamic range, the high resolution photos and videos, the quick autofocus, the built-in ND filters, the pop-up LCD, the EVF, everything about this camera. The lens is great. I love this camera. It is expensive like I said before. It’s $948 but it is worth it if you’re looking for a small lightweight camera that is able to shoot 4k video that you can take anywhere and also use as a secondary camera. So if you are a videographer or you YouTuber or just a photo enthusiast or video enthusiast, this is a must-have I feel like because I’m going to keep it myself. It’s going to be my secondary camera maybe for my b-roll or one I take out and about. It will be my main vlogging camera and I will add this to my gear that I take when I film weddings so I will use this in professional work as well. So even with the small amount of downsides of this camera: the short battery life, the 4K recording limit, overheating issue, no ability to add a microphone, and the expensive price point. With all that said I still believe this is the best point and shoot camera and one of the best cameras that you can buy right now if you are going to be serious about video and you want to start your own YouTube channel. This will be the perfect camera for you and at the end of the day you want a camera that you’re going to have with you at all times. That’s going to be your most valuable camera. This camera will do that for me. I will have this at all times probably wherever I go so I hope you enjoyed this video review of the Sony RX100 mark IV camera. So leave a comment down below and let me know why you’re getting this camera or why you’re not getting this camera. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.

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