Hey, thanks for visiting! My name is Andy. Welcome to MyTechMethods.

I’m here to help you upgrade your digital lifestyle.

The main goal of MyTechMethods is to help you enjoy this new digital age. Here you will find educational & entertaining videos that will make technology and gadgets more fun and useful.

The History.

The idea behind MTM was a spontaneous decision made by me back in 2008. As I was taking a web design class in college, I wanted to create a website that could easily be tied to a YouTube channel. I had visions of the website being revolved around tutorial videos that I was interested in making. So I was in class one day searching for an available website domain name related to technology and teaching people about it. That was when MyTechMethods was born.

The Future.

Since its creation, my YouTube channel has racked up 13,000,000+ views and has become one of the top spots for tech videos. My goal is to continue helping you, not only get through, but enjoy this awesome tech-frenzy 21st century. Thanks for visiting. You make it possible for MTM to be a place where we all can take advantage of exciting gadgets that have such a huge impact in our lives. Together, we can master our electronics and learn that they are actually here to help us.

Join The Adventure.

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